Community Relations

Azumah Resources Limited understands how important it is to engage with the communities and local authorities in the areas where we work.

By engaging with the community we learn more about their culture, their traditions, and their way of life including the challenges that they face. By providing them with information about our work, by hiring locally and purchasing goods and services locally whenever possible, the communities see us as valued members of their community.

Azumah Resources exploration staff work across a large area, and our operations sometimes has an impact on local farmers. The Company tries to minimize this impact, but compensates for any loss or damage that does occur, and rehabilitates the affected area. There is also a mechanism in place for community members to provide lodge complaints, and the local communities appreciate these initiates.

The Company recognises that it is in a unique position to able to positively impact the lives of the people in and around the project areas. The Company is committed to meeting all its obligations in respect of government regulations, environment, health and safety, and community relations.