ASX Announcements

19/12/2018 Confirmed High-Grade Continuity at Bepkong Strengthens Case for Underground Mining
12/12/2018 New High-Grade Blind Discovery at Bepkong East
11/12/2018 AZM - Trading Halt
16/11/2018 Results of Meeting
16/11/2018 Presentation AGM 2018 and London Mining Conferences
12/11/2018 40,000m multi-target drilling campaign underway
05/11/2018 Change of Director's Interest Notice
30/10/2018 Quarterly Activities Report
30/10/2018 Quarterly Cashflow Report
16/10/2018 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
28/09/2018 Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement
28/09/2018 Annual Report to shareholders
28/09/2018 21% Increase in Mineral Resources at Wa Gold Project, Ghana
24/09/2018 Study Review Indicating Material Improvements to Wa Gold Project
17/09/2018 Appendix 3B
29/08/2018 Africa Downunder Conference 2018 Presentation
27/08/2018 VTEM Survey Identifies New High-Priority Targets
20/08/2018 High-grade mineralisation extended at Wa East
06/08/2018 Change of Director's Interest Notice
18/07/2018 Initial Director's Interest Notice x 2
18/07/2018 Final Director's Interest Notice
18/07/2018 Director Appointment/Resignation
16/07/2018 Quarterly Cashflow Report
16/07/2018 Quarterly Activities Report
03/07/2018 Kunche-Bepkong Exploration Update
31/05/2018 Ceasing to be a substantial holder from ASL
14/05/2018 London - Singapore roadshows and 1-2-1 conference presentation
09/05/2018 Appendix 3B and s708A Notice
08/05/2018 Game Changer 44m at 5.37g/t at Kunche
07/05/2018 Trading Halt
30/04/2018 Appendix 3B and Section 708A Notice
30/04/2018 Quarterly Activities Report
30/04/2018 Quarterly Cashflow Report
24/04/2018 Azumah to raise $1.5 million
18/04/2018 Azumah European Roadshow Presentation
05/04/2018 Appendix 3B
21/03/2018 Update First-Pass Drilling Success at Butele North Target
19/03/2018 First-Pass Drilling Success at Butele North Target
14/03/2018 Half Year Accounts
06/03/2018 Anomalies Extended at Josephine South and Manwe
01/03/2018 RC Drilling Commences to Boost Kunche and Bepkong Ore Reserves
05/02/2018 Presentation to Capetown 1-2-1 African Mining Conference
30/01/2018 Quarterly Activities Report
30/01/2018 Quarterly Cashflow Report
23/01/2018 Robust Anomalies Highlight Project-Wide Gold Endowment
08/01/2018 Multiple High Impact Exploration Campaigns Commence
03/01/2018 Ceasing to be a substantial holder